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Reflection Through Broken Glass





Trauma Treatment in Denver, CO

Traumatic experiences, relationships, or childhood brings the challenge of your life not feeling like it's your own. 


  • You feel like there was a you before the trauma and after. 

  • You struggle with feeling responsible for what happened and that you deserve to feel this way. 

  • You don’t want to talk about it. Because the feelings will come back leaving you feel ashamed. 

  • You understand that this is a hard thing to say in your mind, outloud, to a friend, to a family member. And it’s easier to pretend like it didn’t happen. 

  • You have felt that no matter what you do, a single reminder or memory can take you right back. 

  • You worry that you won’t ever be yourself again or know what it is like to be fully yourself for the first time. 

  • You have found that there is so much pain deep within, and sometimes its really hard to contain. 

  • You have tried to talk about it before, and that you were met with judgement that hurts. 


Understand that you don’t have to be defined by this and I am here to help. 

My mission is to help people just like you to not be defined by your struggle. To step inward, towards an inner life that is filled with meaning and peace that is able to overcome whatever challenge the world sets for you. Because at the end of the day, you know that you can work through this, that you have what it takes for a better tomorrow. 

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I will help you:

  • Bring you back to a feeling of wholeness and putting a stop to feeling split by what happened.

  • Feel that you don’t deserve to be in pain. And that choices that you made doesn’t make you deserve what happened. 

  • Build comfort in talking about what happened and its impact on you. And that its your choice, at your own pace. 

  • Develop skills that help you calm and center yourself when you feel like the feelings are back and are overwhelming.

  • Lessen the intensity of the feelings when they show up in your day. 

  • Feel stronger and more in tune with your sense of self through facing your struggle with trauma. 

  • Be validated in the deep level of pain you have experienced. So that you no longer have to hold it on your own. 

  • Address the shame of being or feeling judged about what you are dealing with. To find safety and comfort through talking about its impact.

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