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You feeling sad, withdrawn, or a little depressed in times of personal and professional challenge or transition is understandable. However feeling down can turn into feeling depressed, and can block you from relationships, career advancement, or rob you of a sense of peace and joy in your life.


Depression can reach further into you by making you feel the crush of it all day reaching the serious consequences of losing relationships, jobs, sense of yourself and meaning in life. 


It's common to think things like: "I'm always going to feel this way." "I want to give up.""I'm tired of feeling tired."

"I feel like I'm a burden on everyone.""There is no way to get better."


I help people dealing with depression by helping them understand the reasons that they are feeling depressed. I also help by working with the person to create practical strategies to help them feel better immediately and start the process of lifting depressive feelings.


In combination with each other I will help you understand why you are dealing with this along with the degree it is taking up space in your life. As I guide you through the process you will begin to take yourself and your life back bit by bit. Eventually you will have the tools necessary to face the difficult feelings that come from life's challenges. 


Depression is no way to live, but you can start feeling good in yourself today. 

Beach Rocks





Getting excited, nervous, and worked up are common occurrences when in new situations, around new groups, performances or presentations, and when something is at stake. You know the difference between butterflies in your stomach for a presentation and the feelings of anxiety that can become so overwhelming that you can panic.


Anxiety can take over our minds through constant thoughts of worry or not shutting off. It can take over our bodies through tightness and discomforts that may be specific to us. Anxiety can seriously start to take our life over making us feel small and incompetent in life's challenges. 


Common thoughts include...

"People judge me because they know."

"I'm not good enough at life and that's why I'm anxious."

"I am always going to feel this way."


I can help you deal with anxiety and live a calmer life. Like many other stresses in people's life I will work with you to figure out why your anxiety is happening along with practical strategies to help manage what is specifically happening to you. Slowly but surely we will work to help you tolerate anxious feelings until they start becoming a non issue in your life. Anxiety is common having studies that back up treatment.


I like to use a mixture of mindfulness meditation, thought blocking, and helpful questioning to allow you to notice and take action when dealing with anxiety. Many people have worked through the same thing you are going through towards a more calm life. 


Anxiety can take over your life. But you can develop the tools to prevent that from happening and feel a sense of peace in your life. 

Crushing Waves




Dealing with a traumatic experience, physical abuse, emotional abuse, or post traumatic stress disorder leaves you feeling grey, broken, alone, and often ashamed. Trauma can impact people in many ways, in their dreams, in their waking life, in their relationships, etc.. Each person is unique in their presentation and how they cope with it.


Traumatic experiences tend to find a way to isolate ourselves from loved ones who might not know what to do or say in response. It can disrupt our sense of right and wrong, what is possible and what is not, our make up of how we understand the world. 


You may have felt like: 

"I wish I could be the person before that happened."

"I don't know what normal is anymore."

"How could this of happen to me?"

"How is it possible that someone could do that?"


Trauma lives in the lives of many causing them to feel unsafe, on guard, and nervous that it will happen again. I am here to help you learn how to learn how to feel safe again in your body and mind. I am here to help you understand how the past traumatic experience(s) lives in your life in the present, and how to work through that so you can live a better future.


I'll help you work through what you have been through by helping you safely talk about it in a professional setting. I'll teach you and work towards helping you develop ways to understand it differently along with ways that you are able to calm your body and mind down. Eventually you will feel like what happened does not have a strong grip on you and your life anymore. You will feel better and more confident and your body and mind. 


Trauma's effect on you is real but doesn't need to be forever, realize yourself through reaching out.

Beach Party





Relationship issues, break ups, and the leftover issues from unhealthy relationships can feel isolating to the point where we don't feel like we can find our person in life.


You risk so much by being close to someone and often times people find themselves being hurt, betrayed, and like they are the problem. Working through problems, getting through a break up, and dealing with the aftermath of a bad relationship can take up all of our waking hours commonly causing some anxiety or depression. 


"I'll never trust someone again."

"I'm not good enough to be treated well."

"Why am I insecure in a new great relationship?"

"I feel damaged by a bad relationship."


Dealing with relationship issues puts you in a vulnerable and raw place. Often times the things that are said behind closed doors are so hurtful that you can doubt you can trust again. I am here to help you deal with the pain that you have experienced. To bring the pain to light in an environment where you can explore what happened and why.


I will help bring you to acceptance and healing so that you feel confident in your search for your person or inner peace. 


Relationships are tough to deal with, you can make the change to have them on your terms today. 

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