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Depression Therapy in Denver, CO

Feeling the crush of depression can leave you feeling hopeless, exhausted, and defeated.

  • You feel that you deserve to be this way and that there is no way out. 

  • You are tired of just trying to snap out of it and put on a good face.

  • You don’t want friends and family to worry so you don’t talk about it. 

  • You feel the pain from the isolation and resistance that depression brings to daily life. 

  • You worry that this is permanent and that if things get better you still won’t feel better. 

  • Your life feels like it’s on repeat. The same shades of gray over and over again. 

  • You feel numb, and a lot of times that you just don’t care. 

  • You have understood that you have to find a way out, but it's so hard to just even try.


Understand that you don’t have to be defined by this and I am here to help.

My mission is to help people just like you to not be defined by your struggle. To step inward, towards an inner life that is filled with meaning and peace that is able to overcome whatever challenge the world sets for you. Because at the end of the day, you know that you can work through this, that you have what it takes for a better tomorrow. 

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I will help you:

  • Find the way through depression that works for you. That you deserve to feel better.

  • Search for what is happening within you and why.

  • Feel comfortable to explore all of the feelings that go with depression without holding back like with family and friends. 

  • Work through the pain of depression and how it affects you daily life. To get you back to being you. 

  • Understand that depression isn’t permanent if we commit to the process of change.

  • Feel that the days are becoming unique. Because of the color that progress brings.

  • Move past numbness to feel again. To feel connected to your life. 

  • Find your way to a more satisfied and connected life. 

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