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Anxiety Treatment in Denver, CO

Struggling with Anxiety is more common than you think. But it doesn’t have to define your life.


  • You find yourself worrying and becoming tense all of the time.

  • Your brain doesn’t shut off. Ever. It just keeps going even when you try to sleep. 

  • You worry about what people are thinking about you. That you are being judged. 

  • You have tried to make some changes to deal with your anxiety but feel stuck. 

  • You have avoided situations that make you worry more, making the world feel smaller. 

  • You have told someone in your life about your anxiety or struggle to talk about it, not knowing where to go from here. 

  • You find yourself worrying so much that you panic or are afraid of panicking. 

  • You are tired of struggling with being so worried in your daily life. You want results. 

  • You are worried about more stress coming and your anxiety getting out of control. 


Understand that you are not your anxiety. I am here to help. 

My mission is to help people just like you to not be defined by your struggle. To step inward, towards an inner life that is filled with meaning and peace that is able to overcome whatever challenge the world sets for you. Because at the end of the day, you know that you can work through this, that you have what it takes for a better tomorrow. 

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I will help you:

  • Understand where the worry is coming from and how it affects your daily life. 

  • Learn to shut your brain off so you can take a much needed break from non stop thoughts.

  • Identify, manage, and let go of feelings of insecurity, shame, and being judged by others.

  • Learn coping skills that help you understand and free yourself from the grip of anxiety.

  • Work through anxiety ridden moments, to make the world feel more open again.

  • Learn how to name and be comfortable when you are feeling anxious around loved ones. 

  • Feel satisfied that you overcame a struggle that you thought would define your life.

  • Feel yourself growing a sense of peace and control in life. That its your life and not your anxiety’s life. 

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